Read some client reviews about how pleased they were with their images

Positive client feedback is fabulous. Jonathan Bowcott Photography, like everyone else, enjoys receiving great feedback about their work. His happy clients come from a diverse cross section of businesses and individuals


OMG. You are a bloody genius. These are fantastic! Absolutely bloody fantastic. There are so many fantastic shots... I’m spoiled for choice!
Thank you so much!
— David, PeopleBrand
Oh wow, they’re even better than I imagined! Thank you for listening to what I wanted and making it a reality. The photos have really pulled the look of the website together and I now have a portfolio of beautiful images that’ll make marketing easy. I couldn’t be happier!
— Lisa Macario Ltd
Couldn’t resist a peek at the photos. I think you need to re-brand ... something along the lines of JB Miracle Worker Ltd. Not only do I not resemble a tramp, but my stuff looks like the sort of things that people might actually buy!! WIN!!!
You’re bloody good at your job Mr B. Thankyou SO much.
— Cat Christopherson Design
Thank you so much for the lovely photos of the staff that you sent through. It [the photoboard] is much admired by the way and the quality of the photos is often commented on, so thank you very much!
— John, Headteacher
Really thrilled with your photos - so much better quality than the crappy one I bought off [NAME REDACTED]
— Mary, Artist