Corporate portraits, case study

Examples from a shoot with a client who didn’t want just regular headshot photography. Lots of contextual portraits were taken instead, they were very happy

On location business portrait case study

The Web Usability Partnership (WUP) were updating their website and the look of their business. Part of the brief was to produce corporate portraits that were more informal and relaxed than a ‘traditional’ approach. They also wanted their offices to feature as a kind of ‘background prop’ and to show people at work in that environment. Here are some of the images shot on the first day.

We also did black and white conversions for them, ensuring they had a wide range of options. This meant they didn’t have to do anything themselves after the job was completed.

Despite it being mid autumn we tried to shoot images that made it look like a bright summer’s day. We achieved that! As not all the portraits could be shot on the day, we planned a second day later in Autumn to finish the remaining headshots. It was a much duller and darker day so matching the style of ‘summer’ images was a challenge.

Again, we achieved it. (Taking the studio out onto location is very helpful when you need more light.) Whilst onsite, other shots were taken to fulfil their brief and here are a selection.

We have produced images for companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, JBP PR, Bristol Uniforms, Stuff advertising, Triodos bank and many more.

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