Brewing Coffee

by JB on March 6, 2015

Do you weigh your coffee? I do. Do you time your brew? I do. Does it produce better tasting coffee? Yes, of course it does.
Like anything in life when you do something properly you reap the rewards. Coffee is no exception. I take my time weighing and timing my Aeropress brew in the morning and it produces a clean, crisp, fragrant cup of coffee. I was used to stale, sludgy, bitter coffee but as part of a number of Coffee tasting evenings and 1-2-1 coffee courses I realise how duped we are by the major high street coffee houses into accepting inferior coffee. There’s more after this image of Tommy Chemex literally glowing with enthusiasm as he brews a cup based on the syphon method. A stripped down, affordable and less hazardous (no Crystal meth production involved) version of the brewing method Gale Boetticher used in Breaking Bad.
Syphon coffee brew by Jonathan Bowcott
My advice – buy the freshest coffee beans you can. (I like them under a week old.) Grind the beans on demand and only enough for what you need.(I start with 17g) I then fill my aeropress using the inverted method and start to plunge at 2 minutes. A quick and easy method that’s pretty fuss free and produces a cup SO much better than what you may be used to. Try it, you might like it.
Or book me for a job and I’ll make you a cup – a win win situation.

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